Commercial Printing

PaperMill Media Group offers a wide variety of printed products to meet your business needs. From business cards to brochures, menus and mailers, lets us complete your image with high quality design and print. With state of the art technology, as well as over 35 years of experience in graphic arts production, our art and digital image specialists can help you turn your next dream project into a beautiful reality.

Promotional Products

Promotional Products or Advertising Specialties work. They have been and continue to be a tried and true way to promote your business. Let PaperMill Media Group help you keep your name in front of your customers and potential customers with the best promotional product solution - they WILL remember YOU over your competition. Promotional products are excellent items for your sales staff. They create the perfect reason for them to visit clients again and again. Building client relationships in this way will help you make that potential customer into a long-term purchasing client.

We cater to...

Hospitality / Entertainment

Hotel, Resorts, Country Clubs & Casinos

Service Industry

Restaurants & Maintenance Companies

Medical Professions

Doctors & Veterinary Hospitals

Educational Institutions

Charter, Private & Universities

Business Offices

Law, Accounting, Insurance & Real Estate


City & County Offices

Professional Sports Teams

Manufacturing Companies

Parking Industry

Valet Parking Companies, Management Companies,
Garages & Limousine/Shuttle Services

A Little history...

It was in the summer of 1979, when Bob Astor and Mark Kirmse first opened a little print shop in Lauderhill known as The PaperMill Printers. Bob and Mark met while working for another printing company. During those years, they saw what it took to make the customers happy... a great product, fair prices and outstanding customer service... all in a timely manner. In this day and age, companies make promises but unfortunately fall short due to a lack of understanding of what it really takes to make a customer satisfied. With Bob and Mark, they don't just say it... they do it! And over the years they have managed to put together a professional team of employees who also understand this concept and bring their own talents to the company as well. Between Bob and Mark, they have nearly a century of experience in the printing industry.

The PaperMill Printers started out as a commercial printer in an age of few computers. And when most printers were going out of business and becoming "passé," they figured out what it took to stay competitive and continue to grow in the ever changing business landscape. It was at that time they became digital, still offering traditional offset printing but expanding to the digital age to encompass today's marketplace. And in that change, they also decided to add additional products to their line of business services such as tradeshow displays sold under the name Image Council Displays. Then they decided to add an endless array of promotional products as well. Not long after that, valet parking tickets gave way to Valet Ticket Solutions being born.

It became obvious to them that the PaperMill Printers were "not just printers anymore", but rather a company that produces various types of printed media. So in keeping with that thought, PaperMill Media Group became the umbrella company for PaperMill Printers, Image Council Displays and Valet Ticket Solutions.